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Violation Alert

From Our Architectural Control Committee

Note: The ACC is responsible for enforcing our covenants.

Several warning letters and one violation letter are on their way to some of our residents for violations of our covenants. Mostly, these are for poorly maintained yards. This is an unusual occurrence for the ACC since we took over from the builder in 2021. Usually, it's one home every now and again. This year, for some reason, the violations are much more widespread.

Perhaps it's the frequent and copious rain that has the weeds growing much faster than usual. Regardless, we all have to do our part to ensure our community remains a pleasant place for us to live.

Reminder: The areas between your privacy fence and your neighbor's, on the sides and behind, are yours to mow. If you believe it's HOA land, here's a handy way to tell the difference. If our landscaper has been mowing it, don't worry about it. If they haven't, it's yours. Thanks!

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