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Upcoming Bridge Project

The HOA Board of Directors has approved the committee's proposal and plan to replace the Z bridge (#7) and refurbish the "Shady" bridge (#3).

Our contractor, Bradford Contracting Co., will begin work on or about December 3rd and have the project completed by December 22nd. The Z bridge (#7) will be replaced first, then the shady bridge (#3) will be refurbished. During the active construction at each site, the affected bridge will be closed. Please plan accordingly.

The contractor we selected has built several walkway bridges in our area, including at Town Madison. I have posted some photos of their work in a comment below. The bridge design is superior to the bridges the original Crown Pointe developer built for us. These design features include robust concrete footings that will resist erosion and composite deck planking. We expect the new and refurbished bridges to last 20 to 25 years.

The total cost for this project is $38,137.


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