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16 November 2021 | 6pm – 8pm

Faith Lutheran Church | 660 Gillespie Rd, Madison, AL

The primary purposes of this meeting are the election of a new board member, presentation of the 2022 budget, voting on any proposed changes to the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R), and, as time permits, to address any homeowner questions. If you wish to be a candidate for the Board, please submit your name and a brief biography (< 300 words) not later than 08 November 2021. If you wish to propose a change to the CC&R, please submit it not later than 01 Nov 2021 to allow us time to put it on the ballot. We will accept written questions until 08 November 2021. We will answer those after voting and before accepting other questions.

Currently, we have received notice of two Board candidates and eight proposed amendments. Board candidates are Dan Gehring and Jeremy Mason. Six of the proposed amendments are posted on our HOA web site at: The other two amendments will be added to the site not later than 10 Oct.

In accordance with our CC&R provisions we cannot conduct a vote on the proposed amendments unless with have 35% of our 277 households represented at the meeting, either in person or by proxy. If at all possible, please attend this important, once a year meeting. If you cannot, please consider assigning your proxy to someone in our community you trust. If you wish to assign your proxy, you must complete the form on the web site for our annual meeting (see above). The person holding your proxy must bring the completed form to the annual meeting and present it during check-in.


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