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Pool Will Open May 12, 2023

The pool will open May 12, 2023.

Please obey all pool rules at all times.

1. No lifeguard is on duty.

2. Members must accompany guest(s).

3. Children under 14 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

4. No disturbances are allowed in the pool area, including; running, diving, pushing, rowdy horseplay, loud music, etc.

5. No gum, food, or glass bottles are allowed in the pool area. Please properly dispose of trash.

6. Persons with contagious or infectious health conditions such as colds, skin diseases, etc. are not permitted in the pool.

7. No diapers allowed in the pool. Children must wear disposable swim pants and/or protective wear designed for pool use.

8. No pets are allowed in the pool or the area surrounding the pool.

9. Each member is responsible for cleaning up after themselves and their guest(s) in the pool area and restrooms.

10. The pool and clubhouse area are nonsmoking areas.


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