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Neighborhood Watch - Video Division

We are looking for video volunteers. You may already be aware of the recent scare we had when the police responded to an alleged kidnapping of one of the children in our community. Thankfully, that turned out to be a FALSE report. However, that incident revealed an opportunity for us to come together as a community to enhance our collective security.

During the investigation the police asked for and received video from several homes which were equipped with video doorbell cameras. This video proved to be very helpful. After the investigation concluded I spoke with the Lieutenant in charge of the police department's Investigation Division. He told me that the department is enrolled in the Ring program, and suggested we encourage everyone to get a video doorbell OF SOME TYPE. To be clear, he wasn't pushing the Ring. He was only encouraging us to get some sort of video doorbell.

We don't have one, but we will be getting a video doorbell. I hope you will too. If you already have one, or install one, please let us know using the contact form on this site or email us. We will include that fact in our homeowner directory which will allow us to direct the police to specific homeowners upon their official request.


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