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Looking Forward

Today is my last day as a member of our HOA Board of Directors. I want to thank everyone in our community for the support you gave to the Board. It takes all of us to make a resident run HOA function in a manner that benefits us all.

The 2022 Board members, in accordance with our covenants, met and selected the officers for the new year.

  • Greg Fawcett will be our new President of the Board. He will retain the position of Treasurer.

  • Sean Eames will be our new Vice President

  • Jeremy Mason will be our new Secretary.

  • Dan Gerhing returns as our Assistant Treasurer. This is not a Board position.

Everyone on of the Architectural Control Committee and the Social Committee has volunteered for another year of service to our community. I have stepped down as the Chair of the ACC. Scott Bourgeois will take over as the ACC Chair. I have volunteered to join the Community Care Committee, but not in a leadership role.

Speaking of the Community Care Committee. It is understaffed, and, with Jeremy moving up to the Board, in need of a new Chair. The primary task of the committee is making the small repairs around our common areas to save us from spending a ton of money on routine upkeep. If you're handy and willing, we could use you.

The pool also falls under the Community Care Committee. Last year, Greg Fawcett cleaned the pool and surrounding area each morning. That's way too much to place onto any one person. If you are a pool user, please consider helping shoulder that burden once the pool reopens.

One last thing. A resident run HOA works only if enough residents volunteer to help out. It's not a full time job. We can use as much or as little of your time as you can give us. HOAs switch to a management company when the handful of volunteers get burnt out. I hope that doesn't happen here. Paying such a company would consume all of our discretionary funds and would likely lead to an increase an annual assessments. More importantly, management run HOAs are seldom happy HOAs.

So far, every volunteer for 2022 was a volunteer in 2021. That's not going to be sustainable in the long run. So please, consider joining us this year or in 2023. We have a safe, beautiful, and valuable community. Working together, we can keep it that way.

Steve Canerossi - 2021 President of the Board of Directors

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