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Board Meeting Results

A busy night last night (12 Jul 2021) for the Board of Directors. We made numerous decisions which will affect our community.

  1. We decided to remove the pool / clubhouse fireplace. The fireplace has been a financial drain for years. It's fragile and getting someone in to fix it takes an inordinate amount of time, and is expensive. Removing it will add floor space to the patio area and remove a traffic barrier to the restrooms. Additionally, as a part of this project, the contractor will coat the patio area concrete with a non slip coating. We expect this will eliminate the safety hazard of the existing smooth concrete. This work will take place after the pool closes for the year.

  2. We reviewed the results of our on-going umbrella experiment. One umbrella is already damaged because a resident failed to close it before leaving the pool. We decided that we will not purchase any umbrellas this year. This does not bind any future Board from deciding to purchase umbrellas. The two existing umbrellas will remain in the pool area until they become unserviceable. The umbrella stands will remain for DIY shade, i.e., bring your own umbrella. We continue to explore other options such as shade shelters and shade sails, but do not anticipate any purchases this year.

  3. We decided to invest in building two bike racks for the clubhouse. The racks will be placed on concrete pads to be constructed on the existing planter bed adjacent to the pool gate. The placement of the concrete pads will allow us to retain the existing tree. The bushes will be eliminated. The bike racks will be 10 feet wide and will accommodate 8 bikes each. This will allow plenty of room to store bikes and avoid interference with foot traffic or automobile parking. Due to the county wide demand for skilled labor, we do not expect this work to be completed before the end of the this pool season.

  4. We reviewed the proposal for Aberton Circle Enchanted Forest submitted. We decided to not decide and seek further input from vendors and our community. We are planning on hosting an "Idea Day" at the circle within the next few weeks. Stay tuned for further details.

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