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Winners ... We Have Winners

We appreciate all participants in our very first annual ‘Crown Pointe Christmas House Decoration Contest.’ Y’all are ALL winners!!! The Social committee wants to thank each judge for the hard decisions. Please come by and help us congratulate the winners starting tonight at 5:00 p.m 135 Fernbridge Blvd for ‘Kids Pick’. Next we will go to 171 Fernbridge Blvd for ‘Classic Christmas’ followed by 183 Fernbridge Blvd for ‘Christmas porch’.

“ Congratulations to our Winners!!”

*Special award for Cul-de-sac block participation: Elmswell Ct.

*Honorable mentions:

- Kids pick’ 111 Kenworth ‘

- Classic Christmas’ 178 Fernbridge

- Christmas Porch’ 161 Fernbridge

Please go around our neighborhood and see all the well decorated houses. If you have any recommendations/comments for next years contest please share. Social Committee


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